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Harnessing blind Composition.
Pervert Wasp seek immersive intensity through both sublime and ridiculous sound experiments.

Drums, Sampling / Paul Buddle
Guitar, Noise / Martin Rayment
Saxophone, Vocals / Alasdair Ambrose
Bass, Noise / Emily Afs 

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Upcoming shows


Pervert Wasp + Catherine Carter and Chloe Langlois +AfroDisiac
@Bunkers Hill, Nottingham March 2nd 2019

Strange noises are cooking in the attic! Pervert Wasp rises from slumber to bask in the strange once again.
Chloe Langlois & Catherine Carter join in a new ritual of doom jazz, operatic vocals and theatrical oddities. Audio grooves from around the world at the after party with AfroDisiac until 2am.


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Tickets available soon…

Video archive

Rome, Italy

Live studio recording 2018 / visuals by Alasdair Ambrose

Old tabacco

Just, perfect for evening wear. 2018 / Audio visual experiment

Visual 1

Visuals for PW at Fine Art MA Degree show. 2018 / Live at Primary


The Sleeper

Jamal Sterrett

Collaboration with Jamal Sterret, Silent Frontman. 2017 / Live at The King Billy, Sneinton.